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Hey everyone, welcome to My Baby Insider. I’m the proud mom of two beautiful girls. I have been passionate about baby products since my oldest was born and I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing to assist in my everyday life and their developmental needs.

I have done a lot of research to provide my children with the best tools available to help with their development. I also love finding better ways to do things that will make my life and household to run more smoothly.

When I had my first daughter, I had no clue about babies, let alone all of the things that came along with them. After much trial and error, I eventually found the things that worked best for her. With my second, I had to start the process all over again. I started out by introducing her to the things that her older sister loved, sometimes she liked them too, but sometimes she didn’t. And so the process of finding the products that would work for her individual needs began. That’s when I decided to start a website featuring different baby products and my opinion on them.

I put a lot of time and effort into my research, and I would love nothing more than to share my knowledge with new and new again parents.

Being A New Parent Can Be Overwhelming.

New parents have so much to worry about; it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifth child, there are always new things that come up that you have not had to deal with before. And the more going on in your home, the more overwhelming it will be.

Helping the next generation of parents is just what we, as human beings, should be doing. It can get lonely at times, even if you have a tremendous support system.

I want to take some of that stress away and help parents have the piece of mind that they are doing the right by their children regarding the baby products you choose to get for them.

If I can help even just a few people with this website, then all the effort will be well worth it.

Learn From My Experiences.

My Baby Insider is a place where parents can come and learn about all the different baby products out there. I have been through a lot of them, and I want to share everything that I have picked up along the way. Assisting parents in their decision making is priority number one for me.

Let’s face it, some of the things out there have a pretty hefty price tag attached to them. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make an informed decision before giving your hard earned money away for just anything.

By providing my insights on products, I hope to save other parents time and energy so they can focus on more fun parenting things like Peek-A-Boo, going to the park, or story time.

Let me take some of your worries away. We’re all just trying to survive this journey called parenthood, the least we could do is help each other out along the way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to answer them.

All the best,



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