Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote Review – Bigger is Sometimes Better

Itzy Ritzy Tribe ToteProduct: Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote

Colour: Black Herringbone

Price: $216 CAD, $170 USD

Where to Buy:

Dimensions: 45.7 x 17.8 x 34.3 cm, 18 x 7 x 13.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.45 kg, 3.2 lbs

Warranty: 90-day limited warranty

Personal Rating: 4/5

Today I’m going to review the Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote in Black Herringbone. This chic tote was designed with fashion-forward families in mind. It is the pinnacle of fashion and functionality with its multi-purpose pockets that can handle any given situation.

About Itzy Ritzy – The Company

Itzy Ritzy was founded in 2008 by Kelly Meyer Douglas (CEO) and her husband, Brian Douglas. They found a small baby products business for sale in Southern California that was started by the inventor of the original shopping cart cover. Thye successfully purchased the company and moved it to Naperville, Illinois where it still resides today.

In just two short years they did a complete overhaul of the company by rebranding, building a new website, expanding the product line from 3 to 10 products, Created 100% custom fabric designs and grew the business from 125 boutiques to 700.Itzy ritzy LogoToday the company focuses on baby, toddler and lifestyle accessories creating smart and fashion-forward solutions to parents everyday challenges. They are known for their multi-purpose items made for multitasking parents.

Itzy Ritzy believes that parents deserve the absolute best, which is why they use the most luxe fabrics such as super soft 100% cotton.

Their designs have been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and in countless magazines alongside Zoe Saldana, Pink, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Richie. They have been awarded back-to-back Best New Product awards by Baby & Children’s Product News, as well as a 2012 Cribsie Award and a 2011 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award.

Now, onto the review!

Fabric and Hardware

The external material is in the black herringbone pattern and is super soft. The feel of the herringbone pattern reminds me of seatbelt material but with a much cuter design to it. The best thing about this material is that it doesn’t stain and you can wipe anything right off of it with a damp cloth.100% Vegan Leather Accents

In addition to the herringbone material are 100% vegan leather accents throughout the diaper bag. The vegan leather is so soft to the touch, it feels like real leather. You can find the vegan leather surrounding the small zippered pocket on the mommy pocket, on the tote handles, the tote handle attachments to the bag, and of course, the tassel.Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote Hardware

The hardware on this bag is metal, no cheap plastic materials here! The clips are built so well; there are no worries about these bad boys breaking. The main zipper is metal and buttery smooth. It just glides open and closed without any issues at all. The one internal zipper itself has a plastic chain, but the puller is metal, and it closes oh so nicely. The circle rings that attached the tote and messenger handles to the bag are great for clipping other necessities to; like a pacifier pod and hand sanitizer.

You won’t find any noisy buttons or snaps on this bag. You will see some magnetic closures. One on the change pad slip pocket and one in the mommy pocket to be exact. No worries about these making any noise and waking your sleeping bundle of joy.

Structure and Space

The Tribe Tote has to be one of the most well-structured diaper bags that I have come across in a very long time. Even when the bag is empty, it will stand up on its own. You don’t see that too often in such a large diaper bag.

The stitching is a thing of beauty. It’s clean and flawless. There’s not much else I can say to describe it. It’s just beautiful.Thing of BeautyLet’s talk about space, and oh boy, does it ever have it! You can fit a ton of stuff in this bag. It’s ideal for large families or your average over-packer. When taking all of the pockets into consideration, this diaper bag measures out to be the biggest diaper bag on the market today. You can read more about all the pockets and what can fit into them in the next section.


There are a ton of pockets in this thing. I’m talking 11 internal pockets and 8 external pockets. Honestly, there’s no way I could even fill all of them!

Let’s chat about the external pockets for a moment.Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote Back

There are two insulated bottle pockets on either end of the bag, and they keep a bottle warm for hours. When going out for an extended period with my little one, I make a bottle a little warmer than usual and put it in the insulated pocket. Up to 3 hours later the bottle is still warm enough for my daughter to drink.  Not having to find somewhere in public to warm up a bottle has saved me so much hassle, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the insulated pockets.

On the back of the bag, there is a large slip pocket for your change pad and three smaller slip pockets that I like to use for hand sanitizer, face wipes and my keys. They are great for easy access to frequently use smaller items.

In the front of the bag is a large mommy pocket that consists of two little mesh pockets, a zippered sunglasses pocket, a magnetic closure pocket and a key clip. I keep my sunglasses in my vehicle, so I use the sunglasses pocket for my hand lotion and some band-aids for my older, clumsier child. I like to use the magnet pocket for personal items I don’t want falling out if I open the pocket up completely. I don’t tend to use the key clip, as I keep them in an outside slip pocket. This mommy pocket can hold a lot more than you think, I also shove my overfilled wallet in here as well, and it doesn’t overfill the pocket. I don’t recommend opening the pocket all the way up, especially if you are trying to handle the bag one-handed. Your things can fall out as the zippers go all the way to the bottom of the pocket and you will need two hands to zip it back up.  I usually only unzip it part way down, and it’s more than enough to reach everything inside.Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote Mommy Pocket

On the outside of the mommy pocket, there is another zippered pocket where I like to keep my iPhone 6s Plus. I also have it in a bulky case, and it fits in there great with some room to spear.

Onto the internal pockets. These are great for organizing your bag without the use of packing pouches. You have everything you need right at your fingertips.

There is a large zippered slip pocket dividing the bag into two identical sections. The zippered pocket itself runs the length of the bag and is where I keep a couple of changes of clothing for both my children.

Let’s break down one side of the bag a bit.

Attached the to middle zippered slip pocket are two open slip pockets that are great for holding diapers, rolled up swaddling blankets, and other larger items in your diaper bag.

On the external side of the bag are 3 mesh pockets, one medium-sized and the other two a smaller. I tend to use these for face cloths, burp pads and some entertainment item for my older child.Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote inside pockets

The other side of the bag is a mirror image of the one described above. One of the advantages of the divided bag is if you have multiple children you can keep their things separated by placing their items on either side of the bag.

The only downside to all of these pockets is that when they’re all full your bag can become quite heavy. I also feel that with items in the middle slip pocket it makes for a tight squeeze in the two other sections. When I need to pack more things for an outing I tend to remove the extra changes of clothing and then spend most of the time praying we don’t have a potty accident or diaper blow out.


You get two carrying options with this oversized diaper bag, tote and messenger.

The tote handles have a drop length of 28 cm (11 inches). These are great for carrying the bag on your shoulder. Even though the bag is massive, it fits nicely under your arm and doesn’t slip off your shoulder, which can be an irritating issue with some tote bags.

You also get a detachable messenger strap. Messenger is my favourite way to carry the bag. I extend the strap as long as I can and wear it cross-body. I find that it distributes the weight across my body better this way. There is a comfy movable shoulder pad that helps alleviate the pressure from the heavy bag resting on your shoulder.

A couple of things I feel could use some improvement would be to be able to remove the tote straps if you wanted to. Since I mostly use the messenger strap, the tote straps sometimes get in the way. The shoulder pad on the messenger strap sometimes gets flipped over, it can be mildly irritating, but a livable irritation in my opinion.

Accessories and Additional Features

Most mid to high-end diaper bags come with some accessories and additional features and the Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote is no exception to the rule. Itzy Ritzy is known for having the below accessories and features with all of their diaper bags.

Tassle – The Tribe tote includes the very cute vegan leather tassel. There’s no real purpose for it other than adding some stylish flair. I don’t use this for anything; luckily it’s detachable.

Change Pad – The coordinating changing pad folds to fit in the bag when not in use. Each pattern Itzy Ritzy offers has a coordinating change pad. For the black herringbone pattern, the back of the changing pad is black with the signature Head and Toes on the other side. This pad will wipe clean with a damp cloth. Unfortunately, it is not machine washable.

Stroller Straps – You can attach your Tribe Tote to your stroller with ease using the matching stroller straps that come with the bag. They are made of seatbelt material with metal clips that are designed to hold the weight of your bag.

Patent-Pending Feet – Itzy Ritzy is the only diaper bag company that I know of offering a complete rubberized bottom. They were inspired by driving moccasins when they created this signature design. The bag itself will never touch the ground, keeping it clean and upright at all times.

Recap and Overall Thoughts

Overall I think this is a fantastic large diaper bag. In fact, I use this bag as my everyday diaper bag. It fits everything my kids need for daily outings with room to spare so I can add items for all day trips. The only downside to taking it on all day trips is that it can be really heavy packed full, but that’s where the stroller clips come in handy. Just strap it to your stroller and be on your way.

The Tribe Tote is a very well put together bag. The craftsmanship is impeccable with its flawless stitching, buttery zippers, and metal hardware. The overall design of the bag is crazy functional, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Not to mention the pockets. There’s enough room even to keep a professional organizer happy. No need for the packing pouches in this bag, everything is at your fingertips. I especially like that I can keep my kids things segregated by placing the baby’s things on one side of the divider pocket and my older child’s items on the other side. This makes it incredibly easy to locate what I’m looking for.

The mommy pocket on the outside of the bag is so convenient. My wallet, phone and keys can be accessed quickly without the hassle of digging for them in the bag. I also love that I can fit some of my other mommy essentials in there like my hand moisturizer, chapstick and feminine products.

I gave the bag a 95% because I feel there are a couple of minor things that can be improved upon. The divider pocket inside the bag can take up most of the space if you have a lot of things in it. The weight can be an issue if you don’t have a stroller to attach it to. And lastly, the price is a little steep, though you can usually find the bag on sale on

But overall, I love this bag and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a large diaper bag and can swing the budget.

If you have any experience with the Itzy Ritzy you want to share or have any questions for me, please drop them in the comments.

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Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote


Fabric and Hardware


Structure and Space






Accessories and Additional Features



  • large capacity
  • lots of pockets
  • comfortable to carry
  • rubber feet
  • Doesn't stain and wipes clean
  • Comes with a changing pad and stroller straps


  • Heavy
  • Bulky when full
  • Not machine washable
  • Price


  1. Kayla says:

    I LOVE this tote! I have been through two of them so I definitely know what’s important. The biggest thing for me is that the tote is such a high use item when you have a child, so the material has to be really sturdy. Ive had one basically fall apart in a few months after paying just a little less!

    The Vegan leather and the pockets are awesome! Thanks for the review!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that you love this tote as much as I do! there’s something to be said for great quality in a diaper bag and this one certainly has it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Maryann Breece says:

    It sounds like Itzy Ritzy has taken a lot of care to ensure their tote and their brand are of the best quality possible. Other than not being able to detach the tote handles it looks like a great bag. I think a bag of this size is always going to be heavy when filled. There is no technology out there yet to reduce the pull of gravity on a bag. I think this would be a great bag to have.

    1. Thanks for the comment! If someone creates the solution to a heavy diaper bag when full, I will try my best to be the first to write about it.

  3. Hi Steph!
    It’s been awhile since I had little ones of my own but now I have grandbabies and always looking for things for them and their mommies.
    This looks like a great bag, and the accessories included are a great idea. I like that you point out both the positive and negative (if the tote handles could be considered a negative!) Great review, thanks!
    Kyle Ann

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m sure this would be a great product for your grandbabies.

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